SELLERS' Canton Fair, Our Chance to Make Friends

Date:2023-11-15 Views:1606

As the "wind vane" and "barometer" of China's foreign trade, the 134th Canton Fair attracted numerous exhibitors and buyers from both domestic and foreign markets. As one of the leading enterprises in Ningbo's foreign trade industry, Sellers Union Group has always been actively preparing for and participating in the fair. During the three phases of the 21-day fair, 11 subsidiaries of the Group set up 98 booths and won unanimous praise from customers through good visual, reception, and service details such as the same uniforms, distribution of drinking water, small gift giving, proactive invitations and nearly 10000 customer business cards.

Let's listen to what the Group's frontline colleagues have seen, learned, felt, and thought about the 134th Canton Fair.

Sellers Union - Small Details, Big Differences

The Canton Fair is the work environment with high requirements for both mental and physical aspects. We need to quickly enter the role of receiving customers, always pay attention to the most subtle reactions and overlooked details of customers, and the quality of service.

For example, we had a booth that focused on environmental protection concepts, our products were mostly GRS and FSC certified home and grocery products. Therefore, we prepared paper and electronic brochures in advance for customers to browse through the products. Due to the size and quantity of products, it needed more patience to place and arrange them to impress customers and provide them with a better selection experience. The table in the middle of the booth is a concentrated display of the team's environmental theme. It was originally designed in a U-shape, everyone repeatedly studied the best display effect during the layout process, and finally arranged it into two semicircles. It also received praise and photos from many buyers.

During the reception of customers, the colleagues from several booths were full of enthusiasm and were praised as the "most hard-working booth” by the “neighbors”. Our products had more categories than nearby booths, and customers needed to enter our booth to make better purchases. So we would receive customers at the intersection in advance, actively communicate with passing customers, and attract customers to enter the booth with enthusiastic and professional performance. When receiving customers, we would ask them where they come from to better understand their customs and habits, and provide them with more comfortable services using more familiar languages. The Canton Fair Complex was quite stuffy, so we would proactively provide drinking water to each customer. In addition, sufficient signing pens, notebooks and staples would be prepared for distribution at any time. Our product consultant was also on standby at the booth, always ready to help customers answer various professional questions about products. Although these service details were small, they reflect our caring and sincere attitude towards our customers. These small details have helped us stand out among tens of thousands of suppliers and have received many business cards and further communication signals from new customers.

Greentime - Creating Cooperation Through Tacit Understanding

Participating in the Canton Fair is a process that requires careful preparation, patient waiting, and opportunity seizing. After the start of the second phase, we had not yet received perfect buyers. At that time, I was already eagerly waiting, reviewing and rehearsing countless product related information, receiving phrases and customer service scenarios in my heart, and confirming the layout of the booth over and over again to ensure that I could quickly provide the best service when customers arrived. After an hour, we finally welcomed our first corresponding purchaser. Thanks to the preparation in the early stage, we had a very pleasant on-site communication, exchanged business cards and contact information, and also took a cute selfie together. Although not very commercial, it was indeed the best witness to the harmonious communication atmosphere at that time.

The customer has maintained close contact with us, and subsequent plans have been scheduled. We will wholeheartedly provide customers with high-quality products and services.

Union Source - Seizing Rare Face-To-Face Communication Opportunities

We have learned and gained a lot from participating in the "China's First Exhibition" Canton Fair this time.

All the products were carefully screened and pre-displayed before the exhibition, and finally presented to the buyers. In order to better show the characteristics of products to customers, the exhibition booths were meticulously decorated by the exhibition team, and the display of exhibits was modified according to the on-site situation.

Customer reception is also very important. We would arrange meeting time and requirements with some old customers in advance, and the colleague who was responsible for receiving customers would also make preparations in advance, so that we could meet as scheduled and effectively communicate with them. The common purpose of customers coming to the Canton Fair is to search for new and popular products. Different services should be provided to different customers. New products should be introduced to customers who have plenty of choices, and customers with clear goals should be helped to confirm product information and quote prices as quickly as possible. Although participating in the fair was tiring, we have gained a deeper understanding of the “foreign trade spirit” and “customer-centricity”. We believe that we will continue to grow and improve to provide better services to our customers.

Union Grand - Customers’ Trust is Our Driving Force to Move Forward

The number of participants at this autumn fair was much higher than the spring fair in the first half of the year. I was also fortunate to meet many old customers who had frequent online interactions but had never met offline through the exhibition. A customer who has been cooperating closely with us for many years, left a deep impression on us. In order to thank us for the products and services we have provided over the past few years, they specially made a thank-you card and gave it to us. Although providing effective communication, high-quality products and meticulous services are the basic qualities of foreign trade professionals, being able to gain customer recognition and satisfaction is great encouragement for us. We will live up to the trust of our customers, strive to improve our own strengths, support and grow together, and achieve more cooperation and breakthroughs with customers in the future.

Auland - Let Customers Make Decisions

At this Canton Fair, my team was determined to provide customers with wholehearted and excellent services. A small thing when receiving a foreign client impressed me most. She told me that she was not used to the hotel's shampoo. When hearing about it, I immediately asked my colleagues for help, and we finally found three types of high-end shampoo and hair care products for her as soon as possible.

Some people might not understand it, but I just handed over the options to my client. In our cooperation with customers, we will definitely provide them with diverse and high-quality products and services. Let them make decisions and fully respect their thoughts and choices. In this way, we can gain more trust in our cooperation. The customer quickly handed over her order to us and our cooperation has further developed.

Sellers Union Group has always strived to make friends with both domestic and foreign friends at the Canton Fair. It is an annual event and a rare learning opportunity for foreign trade professionals. Our trip has come to an end, but the journey of Canton Fair is still ongoing. Providing customers with timely feedback, high-quality sample references, thoughtful service experience, and comfortable visiting experience is the next key step for us.