Charitable Activities

Sellers Union Group has actively participated in various charitable activities, which has donated more than 50 million yuan in funds and materials in total, involving the fields of poverty alleviation, educational support, environmental protection, rural construction, social services and cultural exchanges. We undertake social responsibilities that an enterprise should fulfill, and strive to make the society better.

  • Giving Back to the Alma Mater

    On the occasion of the 120th anniversary celebration of Nanjing Forestry University, Mr. Xu Pingju, President of the Group, personally donated 10 million yuan to support the construction and development of the university, which demonstrated the new era entrepreneurial spirit of "Supporting Education with Great Love" and the grateful heart of "Thinking About the Source of the Benefit and Giving Back to the Alma Mater". Nanjing Forestry University hired Mr. Xu Pingju as a visiting professor of the School of Economics and Management and issued him a letter of appointment, and named the biotechnology building as "Xu Pingju Biotechnology Building". The Key Laboratory of Forestry Genetics and Biotechnology Ministry of Education, the Southern Forest Seed Testing Center of the National Forestry and Grassland Administration and the history museum of Nanjing Forestry University are all located here. They are the highlands where high-level scientific and technological talents gather and the cradles of advanced scientific and technological research achievements.

  • "Tongxinsiyuan" Fund

    Mr. Xu Pingju, President of the Group, became a member of China National Democratic Construction Association in 2008. While operating the enterprise, his awareness of undertaking corporate social responsibility has been greatly enhanced. While making a stronger enterprise, he has never forgotten to give back to the society. So far, he has donated more than 10 million yuan to "Tongxinsiyuan" Fund to help the fund carry out charitable activities such as poverty alleviation and educational support.

  • Siyuan Fund

    In December 2020, Sellers Union Group donated 2 million yuan to Siyuan Fund of Red Cross Society of China Zhejiang Branch. Chen Xiaoping, Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Chairman of Zhejiang Provincial Committee of China National Democratic Construction Association, and Tao Jing, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Vice Chairman of Red Cross Society of China Zhejiang Branch, respectively awarded Xu Pingju the plaques of donation. The fund has been used for medical aid, legal aid, rural education, poverty alleviation and humanitarian assistance.

  • Fighting Against the Covid-19 Fund

    In 2020, COVID-19 seriously threatened and affected the world. On this occasion, Sellers Union Group donated 6.96 million yuan to set up a special fund for fighting against the Covid-19. The special fund was used to support the medical departments and government agencies of Ningbo and Yiwu to purchase urgently needed supplies for epidemic prevention and control, and expressed the Group's concern to front-line medical staff.

  • Wild Breeze (Environmental Protection)

    The public welfare project integrating fitness and environmental protection set up by the Group was officially launched in 2014. It advocates cleaning footpaths and maintaining environmental sanitation. Relying on the Group's rich supplier and customer resources, we regularly organize employees, suppliers and external partners to carry out mountain climbing activities, which are helpful for both physical exercise and garbage cleaning. In recent years, the scope of participants in this public welfare project has been extended continuously. The Group has actively carried out Wild Breeze activities with trade unions of enterprises and institutions and foreign university students. The Group is trying to spread the concept of environmental protection further, assume social responsibility, and show the Group's undertakings as a green enterprise.

  • Warm Breeze (Care for Autistic Children and Bereaved Parents)

    Launched by the Group in 2015, "Warm Breeze" aims to help special groups including autistic children and bereaved parents in volunteer training, psychological assistance, medical care, fellowship activities and other aspects, which demonstrates the Group's public welfare concept - Being Kind to Others. Since the establishment of the project, the Group has organized many volunteers to help bereaved parents. Since 2018, the Group has participated in Ningbo autistic children care charity activities for six years and has donated 600,000 yuan in total.

  • Silk Road Fund (Promoting Educational Development)

    Silk Road Fund is an educational fund project specially established by the Group aims to promote the development of education through cooperation with the government, universities and other subjects. The Group donated 1 million yuan to Ningbo Maritime Silk Road Institute to promote the research of Ningbo Maritime Silk Road.

  • "Shanjijin" Fund (Helping Internal Employees in Need)

    With the joint contribution of all employees and the Group's same amount of supporting funds, the average annual fund is 0.4million yuan. So far, 2.1 million yuan has been raised, 0.87 million yuan has been used, the fund account balance is 1.23 million yuan. It is a non-profit internal public welfare organization under the supervision of all employees, which is especially responsible for raising funds and providing assistance to employees in need. For employees or family members who meet the funding requirements, corresponding medical and hardship subsidies will be given to solve their difficulties after being approved by the Foundation. Its establishment reflects that the Group has always been promoting the public welfare concept of "Being Kind to Others" and the corporate vision of "Building A Harmonious Enterprise Together".

  • Rural Revitalization & Common Prosperity

    As an enterprise with a sense of social responsibility, Sellers Union Group has always been committed to rural construction. From 2010 to 2020, the Group has donated over 5 million yuan to Fenghua Jiangjiachitou Village, Leishan Village, Yujiaba Village, Kangting Village, Mianwu Middle School and Jinhuazhu Village for the new countryside construction, including the construction of roads, pavilions, rural cultural exchange centers and elderly activity centers. In 2018, the Group donated 1.05 million yuan in cash and 0.69 million yuan in materials to 25 villages in Tianjun, Qinghai. In 2021, the Group donated 2 million yuan to support the construction of Fenghua Xuedou Temple. In 2022, the Group donated 0.5 million yuan to Liangshan Education Foundation for the "Pre-school Mandarin Popularization" educational project. In 2023, the Group donated 0.5 million yuan to support “Guangcai Common Prosperity” project of Ningbo Society for Promotion of the Guangcai Program to promote the development of traditional rural food, help rural revitalization, and explore the way of advanced common prosperity.