Cultural System

All the resources in the world will be exhausted, only the culture will continue growing.

We put the construction of enterprise culture at a prominent position in the work, focus on the key points and difficulties in different stages of enterprise development, pay attention to three levels involving behavior image, system & culture and spirit & philosophy, explore the establishment of our own cultural system, to make enterprise culture become the core competitiveness of promoting the business development and talent growth.

Cultural Concepts

  • Creating a Harmonious Enterprise
  • With an Altruistic Heart
  • Building a Foreign Business Trade Ecosphere
  • Service Drives More Clients
  • Practicing Thrift for Long-Term Development
  • Internal Competition and Cooperation for Common Prosperity
  • Internal Promotion with Boundless Future
  • Let the Front-line Employees Make the Decision
  • Paying Attention to Front-Line Employees
  • Adhering to Market-Oriented Principle
  • Being Honest and Upright
  • Innovation Leads Development
  • Focusing on the Steady Growth of Main Business
  • Low-Key Pragmatism is More Important than Reputation
  • Being an Open and Transparent Enterprise
  • Asset-Light Strategy
  • Let the Entrepreneurial Dream Light Up the Reality
  • Maintaining Strong Crisis Awareness
  • Believing in Collective Decision-Making
  • Advocating Social Responsibility


  • Happy Work

    • Comfortable and Clean Office Environment
    • Simple and Honest Interpersonal Communication
    • Relaxing and Interesting Working Atmosphere
    • Effective Balance Between Work and Life
  • Career Development

    • Training System of Sellers Union College
    • Youth Development Plan
    • Dual-Track Promotion Mechanism
    • Distinctive Honor System
  • Common Prosperity

    • Dynamic and Effective Incentive Mechanism
    • Competitive Salary System
    • Business Partner Mechanism
    • Good Employee Welfare Guarantee
  • Being Respected

    • Advanced Business Model
    • Leading Business Scale
    • Mission and Vision Conveying the Meaning
    • Actively Undertaking Social Responsibility
  • Sustainable Development

    • Business Ecosystem Creates the Value
    • Constant Construction of Dynamic Competitiveness
    • Promoting Entrepreneurship and Innovation with High Quality
    • Corporate Culture Increases Cohesions of Employees
  • Technology Empowerment

    • Introducing and Developing Technical Talents
    • Wide Application of Data Intelligence
    • Technology-Driven, Highly Efficient Operation
    • Open and Transparent, Collaborative and Sharing