Talents Philosophy

Talent is the cornerstone of enterprise development, excellent team is the core advantage of enterprise development, and the effective organization of talents and teams is the key to turn advantages into victory.

Business growth and talent training are our two basic responsibilities. We help ordinary people make extraordinary achievements.

Trying every possible way to attract and develop talents.

Knowing your employees well and making full use of them.

We do not want talents to become the tools of business organizations. We strive to build an Amazon rainforest style entrepreneurial platform, so that talents can have more freedom to grow faster and become stronger.

Let the best people cultivate better people, turn mistakes and weaknesses into opportunities for improvement, and strive to building an organizational culture of internal self change and growth.

We need to incubate a group of outstanding talents who are innovative, industry-leading and entrepreneurial.

There is no need to show personal loyalty to leaders, employees should promise to do the best work for the enterprise.

Do not emphasize personal heroism and do not be an opportunist. We should make profits based on organizational ability, and stick to doing the right things, difficult things, and things that need time to accumulate.

Paying attention to self-discipline is the best way to protect yourself, and the construction of incorruptibility is the greatest care for talents.

It is simple because of trust, it is efficient because of honesty. The best environment is to work with a group of high performers.

Supporting the normal and orderly flow of talents in the industry, and opposing malicious talent competition.

Youth Development Plan

  • Increasing the income of young employees and strengthen the special subsidies of Youth Development Plan.
  • Trying out the project of "Youth Foreign Trade Creation Camp" to select excellent young talents.
  • Customizing learning programs for high potential young employees, providing them with opportunities to participate in external study tours and industry exchanges.
  • Providing more learning opportunities for young employees by inviting them to be visitors in various important meetings.
  • Encouraging director-above-level senior executives to give guidance to outstanding young employees directly.
  • The promotion of post-90s young employees can moderately break through the proportion of management level.
  • Supporting the proportion of post-90s young employees joining the partner plan within three years to increase to over 20%.
  • Studying and establishing the youth entrepreneurship support fund to support the development of their innovation projects and team building.
  • Setting up supporting cultural activities and honorary awards for youth groups, and creating a widely recognized corporate culture.
  • Caring for the physical and mental health of young employees and strengthening the educational activities of incorruptibility.