Sellers Union College

Founded in 2011, Sellers Union College is the internal talent development organization of the Group. With the mission of "Civil and Military, Achieving Your Dreams", the College has always been strived to training and developing talents.

After years of construction, the College has formed a relatively complete talent training system, and has carried out comprehensive multi-level training activities including strategic development symposium, industrial forum, theme seminar, quality cultivation, professional skills and management knowledge teaching for all levels and positions of employees.

With the concept of "Let the Best People Cultivate Better People", the training is targeted and effective through the combination of selecting internal lecturers and inviting external experts.

The College adheres to the concept of "Learning from Each Others, Developing Together", and looks forward to strengthening the communication and learning with clients, suppliers, competitors and other partners.

Training System

Sellers Union College
Sellers Union College

202211848 Person-Time Throughout the Year

20218677 Person-Time Throughout the Year

20204722 Person-Time Throughout the Year

20194362 Person-Time Throughout the Year

20184104 Person-Time Throughout the Year

20173442 Person-Time Throughout the Year

20163264 Person-Time Throughout the Year

20153078 Person-Time Throughout the Year

20143119 Person-Time Throughout the Year

20131379 Person-Time Throughout the Year

2012The college organized the first external training course

2011Sellers Union Classroom was founded

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Activity Display

  • Sellers Union Classroom

    Sellers Union Classroom

    The College has always adhered to the concept of "Talents Are Vital Assets", which has developed corresponding courses according to the skill requirements of general employees in different positions. The courses aim to help employees quickly adapt to their job responsibilities and accelerate their career growth.

  • Theme Seminar

    Theme Seminar

    Managers are the core force to maintain the long-term development of the enterprise. The College focuses on the leadership requirements of managers in the growth stage, and sets up targeted seminars to continuously promote them to form important qualities required by organizational construction.

  • Group Internal Lecturer Team

    Group Internal Lecturer Team

    By adhering to the training concept of "Let the Best People Cultivate Better People", the College has selected out and cultivated a team of more than 40 lecturers, and valuable experience has been formed into stable training curriculums to promote the beneficial atmosphere for teaching and learning.

  • Strategic Development Symposium

    Strategic Development Symposium

    The College holds a partner-level strategic development symposium annually, which focuses on the key points and difficulties of the Group at different stages of development. The symposium encourages partners to carry out extensive and in-depth thinking and discussion, which is a platform carrier for partners to contribute collective wisdom to the Group's development.