Providing excellent supply chain service for clients worldwide.


Create the supply chain benchmarking services, jointly build a humanistic and harmonious enterprise.

Core Values

  • Fortune Favors the Diligent
  • Continuing Professional and Excellent
  • Collaboration and Sharing
  • Collective Wisdom, Joint Force
  • Putting work at the first place, focusing on work during working hours with high efficiency and good initiative;

    Result-oriented, no pain, no gain;

    Management-level should set good examples.

  • Individuals should continuously study, polish, summarize, refine and make progress in professional fields;

    Enterprises should continuously lead the highest professional level recognized by the industry;

    Continuously achieving innovation on the aspects of process, mode, management and concept.

  • Paying attention to internal cooperation, reasonably allocating job tasks, clarifying responsibilities and authorities, and creating a good mechanism for cooperation;

    Breaking through departmental boundaries, having a strong sense of overall situation, having a good attitude towards cross-departmental cooperation, respond and implement quickly;

    Keeping an open mind, being willing to share ideas, expertise and business resources within the Group, and actively participating in creating a good sharing mechanism.

  • Making concerted efforts to fully absorb the opinions of all parties when making important decisions, attaching importance to the inheritance of knowledge and experience within the team;

    Establishing a good collective discussion mechanism, encouraging employees to express their personal views, and creating conditions for employees to participate in collective affairs;

    Daring to speak out, seriously participating in collective discussions, and actively contributing to collective affairs.

  • Be Alert to Dangers Even in Times of Calm
  • To Honor Commitment and Take Practical Actions
  • Anti-Corruption and Self-Discipline
  • Perfecting Yourself While Benefiting Others
  • Staying humble when having great business performance, enabling to recognize your own shortcomings, finding out problems and making improvements;

    Paying attention to the complexity and uncertainty of the market, good at grasping market trends, having strong risk awareness;

    Attaching importance to colleagues in the industy, absorbing their innovative ideas and good practices with an open mind;

    Being sensitive, having enough sensitivities and insights to all kinds of major innovation from other industries and fields, and adapting yourself to changing policies.

  • The best combination of oretical knowledge and practical experience;

    Being consistent in words and actions;

    Daily behavior measures shall be consistent with corporate culture.

  • Opposing corruption, refusing to engage in any activities that may damage the benefits of the Group, keeping healthy contacts with partners, and daring to expose misconducts;

    Being diligent and thrifty, eliminating waste;

    Being strict with yourself, consciously abiding by the rules and regulations of the Group, doing a good job in the confidentiality of Group information;

    Respecting others, management level should treat all the colleagues equally and fairly.

  • Paying attention to customer experience, providing customers with competitive products and excellent services, and boost the growth of customers' business;

    Supporting the growth of suppliers, cooperating with them sincerely and achieving common development;

    Sincerely helping colleagues, effectively finding the strengths and potential of colleagues, and giving play to the maximum value of others;

    Developing reserve talents and creating development space for the growth of outstanding subordinates;

    Enthusiastically benefiting the society, being grateful for the support of all sectors of society for the growth of the Group, actively participating in charitable activities, and advocating good social customs.

The Concept of Symbiotic Organization

Four Characteristics:
Inter-SubjectivitySymbiotic BeliefFlexibilityTechnology Penetration
Four Realms:
Overall Multi-ProfitsCustomer CentricityEfficiency & CoordinationNo-Self Leadership

Way of Management Creating Value Balancing Interests Benefiting Society Sustaining Success

Enterprise Spirits Beyond the Self Keep Evolving Improve the Mind Grind the Soul