Construction of 1+N Ecosphere

Our business models include consumer goods export, cross-border e-commerce, import supply chain, international logistics, customized tourism, business exhibition, digital marketing and brand operation. We continue to promote the innovation, synergy, symbiosis and prosperity of the ecosphere.

  • Consumer Goods Export
  • Cross-Border E-Commerce Export
  • High-End Consumer Goods Import
  • International Logistics
  • Customized Tourism
  • Business Exhibitions
  • Digital Marketing
  • Brand Operation
  • Chemical Products Export
  • Dual Circulation Digital Ecological Park

Consumer Goods Export

Started in 1997, the Group's consumer goods export business has developed for over 20 years. We have tens of thousands of products covering more than 30 major categories, thousands of important cooperative suppliers and international market channels covering over 120 countries and regions around the world. We have established stable relationship with over 2,000 global clients. We export tens of thousands of containers each year, and our export foreign earnings have achieved hundreds of millions of dollars. Our business model is stable and long-term sustainable.

Cross-Border E-Commerce Export

At the end of 2013, the Group formed a professional cross-border e-commerce team. Starting from small package business in 2014, we began to explore overseas warehouse business in 2015. Relying on conventional product resources and new product advantages, a cross-border e-commerce export business system has been formed with multiple professional teams and business models promoted simultaneously, led by overseas warehouse business, specialized in small package business, and continuous investment in self-built station business.

High-End Consumer Goods Import

In 2017, Yayalegou was founded, whose current business entity is called Dongmeng Trade. Dongmeng Trade mainly operates the business by importing Japanese and Korean high-end consumer goods, managing supply chain and supplying products for domestic chain supermarkets and stores, and distributors of various imported goods.

International Logistics

Founded in May 2014, Port To Port Logistics entered the international freight forwarding logistics industry to promote the linkage between foreign trade and international logistics. Port To Port Logistics mainly engages in international and domestic freight forwarding, warehousing & transportation and customs brokerage services, providing high-quality international supply chain logistics services for Group customers and domestic enterprises.

Customized Tourism

Founded in March 2015, U-Tour Trip provides customized travel and business study tours for high-end international business customers, overseas customers of the Group and domestic suppliers. U-Tour Trip was approved as a four-star quality travel agency in June 2020.

Business Exhibitions

Founded in 2017, U-Tour Exhibition is exploring the model of combining foreign trade, exhibition and tourism, focusing on undertaking domestic and foreign business services, conference services, exhibition and display services. In 2019, U-Tour Exhibition successfully hosted the overseas exhibition (Bucharest) China - Central and Eastern Europe Textile Accessories Expo for the first time.

Digital Marketing

In 2017, the Group invested in United Media Solution. Founded in 2011, UMS mainly provides new media marketing services for overseas customers to explore Chinese market through software services. It has successfully developed digital media, social media brand promotion in China for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, Tourism Administration, Australian Farmers Union, Australian Wine Authority and other companies. UMS also provides overseas promotion services for Chinese companies.

Brand Operation

In 2021, Yanlu Smart Home was founded. It aims to create a "serious and loving" domestic family lifestyle brand around three major life scenes including fashionable kitchen, exquisite home furnishing and outdoor leisure. At present, its main products involve cooking utensils, drinking utensils and other kinds of kitchen utensils. The team has always insisted on excellence in product development, design, material selection and technology, and constantly provided consumers with better choices for their daily needs. Yanlu has its own product testing laboratories and exhibition halls. With nearly 100 patented products, it brings brand products to millions of households through online and offline channels.

Chemical Products Export

In 2023, the Group invested in Pangs Chem. It was founded in 2002 and now focuses on the export of Chinese original pharmaceutical raw materials, food & feed additives, plant extracts, pesticides, industrial chemicals and other fine chemicals. Pangs Chem is committed to building a full-process chemical foreign trade supply chain platform, with marketing markets spread across more than 100 countries and regions, including South Africa, Egypt, Sri Lanka, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Russia, Argentina, Spain, Colombia, and Poland, and has achieved rapid business growth for many years.

Dual Circulation Digital Ecological Park

Based on the original development model, industrial resources, and service system of Sellers Union Group, the dual circulation digital ecological park is trying to establish new trade formats such as digital trade and live e-commerce, build a full ecological official business and incubation acceleration center for upstream and downstream digital service enterprises. With digitalization as the development tool, it promotes the high-quality integration of supply chain, service chain and information chain, and promotes the sales of Chinese manufactured products in the international and domestic markets. Relying on the industrial advantages of Ningbo and surrounding regions, it aims to build a model project of dual circulation development.

Business Development