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On September 9th, 2017, the birth of "S-Day" was announced, all the employees celebrated their common holidays in their own unique way.

In 2022, on the occasion of the Group's 25th anniversary, S-Day was officially upgraded to "S-Week".

From S-Day to S-Week, it is not only an extension of time and expansion of contents, but also an enhancement and expression of the cultural connotation of the Group's corporate culture in the new development stage.

S-Week includes six theme elements: together, gratefulness, innovation, health, happiness and development, which provides the employees with a rich and colorful week, enables them to feel the power of corporate development and personal growth in a rich cultural atmosphere.

Diversified team-building activities are always useful in enhancing team cohesion and promoting communications among colleagues.

The Group has further clarified the form, frequency and duration of team building by issuing guidelines, and has allocated funds in developing company-level and department-level team-building activities.

Team building makes us closer to each other.

"The world is big, I want to see it". Staff travellings are full of happiness and memories.

Employees can enjoy beautiful sceneries of the motherland and feel the local conditions and customs of foreign countries. Furthermore, their communication and belongings to the Group will be enhanced through travels.

Either the body or soul, one needs to be on the way.

Internal society has now become a platform for young people to make friends, develop personal hobbies and enrich spare time. In accordance with the principles of voluntariness, health, and autonomy, society members carry out activities independently.

Established in December 2014, Translation Society is the earliest internal society of the Group. The society gathers a group of talents with professional language backgrounds.

The main activities of Translation Society are opening various language courses and introducing relevant cultural knowledge of countries around the world. Translation Society is responsible for providing foreign language translation support for the Group and subsidiaries. The society has carried out English book sharing meeting, minority language course, theme salon and other activities before, which attracted a group of colleagues.

Established by designers of the Group and subsidiaries jointly in April 2019, Design House provides a professional communication platform for designers to improve the Group's overall design level based on the principles of inspiring design ideas, improving design skills, and disseminating design information.

The society regularly organizes internal sharing courses, carries out exchange salons, and invites external teachers to offer video shooting courses. As a professional society, it also plays the role in sharing information resources and design talents.

Founded in September 2017, Dance Society now has a yoga group and a hip-hop dance group. Members actively carry out dance activities based on their hobbies.

Two groups carry out regular courses, which include both the training of basic skills and display of different dance styles. At present, the society has opened European and American Jazz Dance and Men's Popping dance courses. Dozens of finished dances have been launched. Dance Society has performed at large events of the Group for many times and won unanimous applause from the audience.

Established in September 2017, Music Society was jointly initiated by a group of colleagues who are good at all kinds of music styles. The members love music, have unlimited enthusiasm for music, and always adhere to their own aspirations.

The society's activities mainly include opening vocal courses or musical instrument learning courses, organizing various theme song festivals. The society successfully held the Group-level activities such as "Super Voice Online Karaoke Competition", and has performed in the Group's various large-scale activities for many times.

Established in November 2017, Basketball Society is composed of a group of energetic basketball lovers. Members exercise their organizational abilities, improve their ambitions and sense of responsibilities through various activities.

The society organizes weekly training classes, regular internal and external friendly matches and annually 3V3 basketball matches. The society also actively participates in district-level and municipal-level basketball competitions on behalf of the Group, and has won the championship of the High-tech Zone Enterprise Basketball League for two consecutive years.

Established by football lovers in the Group in September 2017, Football Society aims to promote fair competition, solid cooperation, and deep friendship.

The society regularly holds various activities such as regular football training classes and annual Ningbo-Yiwu friendly matches, which has created a good football atmosphere within the Group. The society has participated in district-level and municipal-level football matches for many times and achieved outstanding results. In 2019, Football Society won the second place in the High-tech Zone Sports Carnival Football Match. In 2021, the society won the fourth place in the High-tech Zone 8V8 Football Match.

Established in September 2017, Badminton Society now has nearly 100 members. The society mainly to provides colleagues with a great entertaining and exercising platform. There are not only excellent players with superb skills, but also newcomers who are quite enthusiastic about badminton.

The society organizes training activities every week, during which members will hold exercises or friendly competitions. Besides, the society organizes group-level competition annually to enrich employees' spare time life. Badminton Society has gradually become more influential and stronger.

Established in April 2018, Running Society is a society that aims to encourage employees to take physical exercise and enjoy the health and fun brought by running.

The society regularly holds running trainings and organizes members to participate in professional events and other running related social activities and public welfare activities. With the expansion of the society, the needs of members are becoming more diversified. Running Society is constantly enriching the sports forms such as carrying out monthly clock-in activities and outdoor cycling.

Established in November 2020, E-sports Society is the representative of the new generation society and has set up several different game groups. Since its establishment, the society has attracted the attention of the post-90s and post-00s colleagues and gathered a group of e-sports enthusiasts. The purpose of the society is to guide employees to enjoy e-sports healthily.

The regular activities of the society are weekly team friendly competition and 1V1 friendly competition. The society successfully organized the first Group E-sports Competition. Currently, E-sports Society is playing an important role in promoting the cultural prosperity of the Group.

Reading Society was established in September 2021 by the Group's members who love reading. The society encourages members to read books actively and independently, and carries out various and colorful activities to improve the ideological level of members.

The society organizes the activities of reading paper books together, WeChat reading clock-in activity and offline sharing and exchange meeting every month. Furthermore, the society also actively organizes special activities such as World Reading Day activity, reading corner mobile book station and book exchanges.

Those stories that recorded the development of the Group are showed by cultural videos. We use our cameras to record every story that happens around us, and write our own history with originality. The legend is only between you and me.

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