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Sellers Union College "Qingyun Phase II" Was Successfully Completed

Date: 2019-05-21  Hist: 72

On May 18th, the last lesson of Sellers Union College “Qingyun Phase II” was held as scheduled. Under the guidance of the teacher, 45 trainees on the management level from various subsidiaries and functional departments of the Group gathered together to review the training courses in the past year and systematically sort out the key points. By combining the surrounding cases, the trainees showed the study results on the aspects of "self-management, team management, business management" through the ways of round-table forum, management sketches, small videos. The wonderful performance of each group completely exceeded the expectations of the judges.



After the course review and graduation report, Sellers Union college held a simple and cheerful award ceremony. According to the comprehensive scoring of each study group and each student's participation in training situation and results in the past year, Ge Xiaoqing from Sellers Union, Pet Wu from Union Chance and Jet Hu from Union Vision were rated as outstanding students, and Group 3 was rated as the excellent team. Yu Jin, the Assistant President of the Group, Justin Fang, the General Manager of Union Home, and Michael Xu, the General Manager of Union Service Business Department, presented the awards to the excellent team and outstanding students.


the Group Picture of Outstanding trainees


Group 3 Was Rated As the Excellent Team


Ge Qingqing, the squad leader and the outstanding student of "Qingyun Phase II", said that when attending "Qingyun Phase I", she was quite busy with the business, and her personal learning effect was not good, which effected the group score. This time, she was selected as the squad leader which made her quite nervous. Finally, she overcame all kinds of difficulties and attended the training courses in full attendance, actively completed the tasks as a class committee, which helped her gain a lot, and being rated as the outstanding student was an unexpected harvest.


 the Squad Leader And the Outstanding Student Ge Qingqing Made the Accpetance Speech


Finally, Fang Yongqiang, the Vice President of the Group, made a summary speech for the project. He encouraged the trainees to insist on self-learning and apply in the future work, attach importance to team management and empowerment, increase the proportion of daily management work, continuously improve their leadership, and lead the team to continue growing.


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