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The Teachers and Students of Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages Visited Sellers Union Group

Date: 2019-05-08  Hist: 88

Recently, Lu Haiping (the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Western Language College of Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages) led the 2020 students who are majoring in Portuguese, Spanish, French and Russian and came to the group to visit the graduates and alumni who have now become interns and employees of Sellers Union Group. Michael Xu, the general manager of Union Service Business Department, received Secretary Lu and his entourage, Tian Dandan from Human Resource Department and several outstanding alumni from  Union Service Business Department accompanied with Michael.



After arriving at the Yiwu Operation Center, Secretary Lu and his entourage praised the Group's office environment and product variety after visiting the product showroom and offices. Then the two parties had a deep conversation in the conference room. After understanding the development history of the group, Secretary Lu believed that the development space, corporate culture of Sellers Union Group have greatly improved the ability of these interns and graduates. Secretary Lu heard that Yuexiu’s alumnus have developed well in the group, and some have even become the backbone of their own department, which has significantly inspired the accompanying students. At the same time, Secretary Lu also introduced the "order-based" training mode of colleges and companies and the incubation of university students' entrepreneurial parks.



The majority of the group's minority language salesmen were graduated from Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages, covering Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, and Japanese. The employers highly approved of the outstanding work ability and attitude of Yuexiu graduates, so the group will go to Yuexiu recruitment fair every year.


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