Social Responsibility

Our Group's Colleagues Participated in the Voluntary Blood Donation Actively

Dedicating your love and spread every corner of the world with love. On November 15th, Yiwu’s operation center started an activity of voluntary blood donation. Although Yiwu suffered a sharp decline in temperature this week, the Seller’s Union Group’s employees still actively registered and prepared well for the blood donation in advance. On the day of the ...

Our Group's Volunteers Participated in the Volunteer Activities of Li Huili Eastern Hospital

In the morning of October 23th, four employees of Sellers Union Group went to Li Huili Eastern Hospital under the organization of High-tech Zone Innovation and Pioneer Park Party Committee to conduct volunteer activities. The purpose of this activity was to simplify and ease up the procedure of seeing a doctor by helping patients to register, take a number, reserve, payment thr...

The Chinese Cultural Exchange Group Set Out Again – A Visit in Qingdao and Qufu

After the first trip to Xi'an, the group funded Chinese Cultural Exchange Experience Group started off again and went to the eastern holy city - Qingdao for exploring Chinese history and culture. The project is a public welfare project carried by our group and the Ningbo Educational Bureau. Every year, about 300 university students who are oversea, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan s...

Our Group Actively Participate in Building of Ningbo Maritime Silk Road Insititute

14th Jan., 2016, it is a warm winter afternoon with peaceful sunshine, the meeting of Ningbo Maritime Silk Road Insititute (Beijing Foreign Language University Maritime Silk Road Insititute- Ningbo Branch) started in 504 meeting room of Beijing Foreign Language University Ningbo school. President of our group, Mr Patrick Xu with Zhang Minghua-the Vice mayor of Ningbo city, Huan...

Our Group Leaders Went To Visit Ningbo Research Institute Of Marine Silk Road

July 1, our group president Mr Patrick Xu, vice president Andrew Fang were invited to visit Zhe Jiang Wan Li University and were warmly welcomed by principal Ying Min ,vice principal Yan Guoqing , principal Meng Xiangxia of business college, Wang Xu secretary fof Language college, Xu Xiaming minister of Department of Science and Technology; Meanwhile Lin Zhiying -HK Li & Fung S...

Our Group Donated 350 Thousand RMB to Sponsor the Education and the Geracomium

The donation ceremony of “Sellers Union Scholarship” was held in Yiwu Industrial and commercial college, Vinson, the group vice president, attended the ceremony.

Our group's Colleagues Actively Participated in the Clothing and Books Donation Activity

Since mid-March, all the group's colleagues in sellers union group actively donate clothes and books to those people who need help. Administration girls sent clothes to the destination MianNing country. then the local mountain people brought the 952 love of clothing home in batches. 80 books will be donated to the dam Township Hope Primary School. This is the second time that s...

Our Group Held the 'Build Blue Sky, Power Dream" Lei Feng Day‘ ’Volunteer Activity

March 5, in order to further promote and heritage the new era Lei Feng spirit, Innovation Park party organizations launched the "Build blue sky, power dream" Lei Feng Day party volunteer activities. In this event, ourparty branch secretary of Sellers Union Groupdonated two boxes of stationery and toys to the school, recognized and helped Luo Yiran children in 202 class, promise...

Our Group's Employees Participated in the Voluntary Blood Donation Actively

January 9, 2014 morning, with the arrival of blood collection, sellers union group Yiwu operation center’s colleagues who prediction of blood donationcome at the appointed time. Under their infection, more colleagues join the ranks of blood donors. The same day, the blood center in Yiwu successful collected 6600 ml of blood from 21 volunteer blood donors.

Sellers Union Group become international business graduate education Innovation Base of Ningbo University

Our group became one of the firstbatch of graduate education in International Business Innovation Base of Ningbo University Business School. PatrickXu chairman was appointed as extramural academic tutor. sellers union group provides 5 to 10 innovative practice post for graduate students each year. So far, the group has successfully docked three international business graduate p...

Our Group's First Scholarship Award Ceremony Was Held Successfully

December 30, 2013 afternoon, sellers union group 2013 annual scholarship awards ceremony held in Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College Wenmei hall. The ceremony awarded certificates of honor for a total of 100 students, bonuses totaling 200000 yuan.

Our Group's Volunteers Gave Warmth to City Sanitation Workers

On the morning of 13 December, 6 volunteers from Yiwu Operation Center in Sellers Union Group took some warm supplies and money envelops to offer sympathy to the needed in Yiwu Sanitation. 8 sanitation workers finally received our donation.

Our Group Gave A Hand to "Fitow" Victims

After the "Fitow" hit Yuyao, people from all walks of life have joined the reconstruction work. Recently, our Group positively participated in the Ningbo Chamber of Commerce on donations to YuYao Fengshan streets. Among them, Sellers Union donated totally 20,000 Yuan. It has recently allocated and will be devoted to reconstruction work.

Our Group Helped the Families Affected Seriously by Typhoon

During the National Day, the violent typhoon Fitow landed near our province, which made some of the families affected seriously. So the Label Union and League of Sellers Union Group organized a condolence to make the staff feel the sincere love and warmth from the "Big Family". Applied by employees and confirmed by the Group, a subsidy would be singly given to Fitow victims, fr...

Our Group's Volunteers Sent Cleaning Workers Daily Necessities and Love

August 3rd, YiWu Operation Center’s nine volunteers brought drugs, towels, cups and waters and other supplies, to send the sanitation cleaning workers with cool and love.