Social Responsibility


President Xu donated 800,000 yuan to Jiangjia Chitou Village, Xiwu Street, Fenghua District, Ningbo; donated 200,000 yuan to Leishan Village, Xiwu Street, Fenghua District, for the construction of Tongxintang - the village's elderly activity center.


Zhu Village, which is located in Shenfan Township, is a poor village in the mountainous of western Jinhua. The natural condition there was very bad and the collective and villagers income was very low. There was only one dirt road connecting the outside world which made the natives inconvenient to come in and out. In the early October of this year, when our group noted the v...


Sellers Union Group donated 200,000 to Dundong primary of Shangzhong town, Liping County, Guizhou Province.


President PatrickXu donated 2.2 million to Jiangjiatou village of Fenghua Xiwu for the construction of cultural center of the village.


Sellers Union Co., Ltd. provided financial aid for supporting Song Yang County Hope Primary School.


Sellers Union donated 350,000 yuan for Zhang Xi Village Primary School (Sellers Union Songyang County hope primary school)in Song Yang County, Lishui, Zhejiang,which making a contribution to the school building and the facilities of school desks ,chairs and teaching software facilities.The Sellers Union Songyang County hope primary school is the first hope primary school donated...


President Patrick Xu donated 50,000 yuan for building audiovisual labs in Bai Du Primary School in Fenghua, Zhejiang.


President Patrick Xu donated 200,000 yuan for the repair work for Village Jiangjiachitou in Fenghua, Zhejiang.